Iron CupcakeEarth Voting

The time has come everyone - the voting has opened for this month's ICE challenge. Here is a quick recap of my entry:

The theme ingredient was wine, so I decided a light champagne-infused cupcake would be a good place to start. I paired that with a bit of bakeapple syrup, but could not decide on a good frosting.... Then I got to thinking, what is delicate enough to pair with champagne, but rich enough to give the cupcake some weight - white chocolate!!! I added some booze to the frosting, just for good measure :)

Head on over to http://mkecupcakequeen.blogspot.com/ and cast your vote!


  1. Lovely cupcake!! Great creation!

  2. What a cute cupcake! It has booze in everything. Looks adorable.

  3. This looks fabulous and sounds amazing. Great looking cupcake!

  4. A great looking cupcake! Good luck in the ICE challenge:)

    Rosie x