#73) Peach Partinis

This recipe has a sordid past...

1) You know how when you come across a great ingredient you need to find a recipe that really showcases it? Well, that was how this recipe started - my fiance came home with farm-fresh eggs... Now we all know I am more of a baker than a cook, and that I have a somewhat dependant relationship with chocolate...

2) Also, I was recently invited to join the cooking/baking community over at Cook Eat Share. (I have seen plenty of online communities, but I find this one easy to navigate and full of delicious recipes with helpful reviews.)

So between my new farm-fresh eggs and Cook Eat Share membership, I thought, well I will find a great recipe in my new community to showcase these eggs... And boy did I! I am not sure how many of you are familiar with French patisseries, but they are a little bit of Heaven here on Earth, and most serve this decadent, fudgey flourless chocolate cake... It consists of lots of chocolate and lots of eggs... We're off to a good start right?

Have I mentioned fiance and I live in two different towns, separated by 285 km of gravel highway? Yeah, we are. And we drive this nearly every weekend. This means half of my kitchen supplies are in one kitchen, while the rest are in the other...

Pitfall #1 - my round cake pans are in the other kitchen.
Oh, that's fine! Let's make mini versions in the muffin pan. Great@

Pitfall #2 - fiance's oven is on steroids and burns everything in record time, including my pretty little mini cakes :(
Oh, that's fine! Let's cut off the burnt bits and use the middles for something else.

That's how these Peach Partinis were born. Thank goodness, too, because they were fantastic!!! Our friends ate them up, as you can see :)


12 ounces chocolate (I used semi-sweet)
2/3 cup butter
3/4 cup sugar
5 eggs, separated

Canned peaches (in water)
Cool Whip


- Preheat oven to 350 F

- Spray pan (9" round or 15 muffin tins) with spray oil.

- Melt the chocolate, butter and granulated sugar together until the ingredients are thoroughly blended. Set the mixture aside to cool.

- Whisk the egg yolks into the chocolate.

- Beat the egg whites in a large bowl just until they form peaks; do not over-beat egg whites.

- Add one-third of the egg whites to the chocolate batter and mix vigorously.

- Gently fold in the remaining whites. Do this slowly and patiently. Do not over mix, but be sure that the mixture is well blended and that no streaks of whites remain.

- Pour the batter into the prepared pan(s). Bake until the cake if firm and springy, 35-40 min.

- If you want the parfait dessert just layer Cool Whip, chocolate cake pieces, and fruit until your dessert dish is full :)


  1. Looks absolutely delicious Dani :)

  2. The oven of your fiancé is very well Dani ;)! The result seems to be delicious!

  3. Yum! Sounds like a refreshing, delicious dessert!

  4. Nice save and kudos for staying positive. I'm getting better at having that kinda attitude.

    Btw, hope if you try the mousse you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by my blog.

  5. I love the recipe...especially with the farm fresh eggs....but why would you ruin it with Cool Whip? Why not fresh whipped cream? Just saying...

  6. kelly - bc of the snafus i was in a real time crunch and needed a quick fix... otherwise it would have been the real deal :)

  7. Oh, good! All of your ingredients are so pure (that's why they're so delicious and stand out)
    I was a little confused, but totally understand when you're in a crunch, Cool Whip can be a good thing! :)