Brownie Recipe Published!

Have you ever stopped my mixingbowl.com? Well, I have and it is a great place to share you recipes and find some real keepers from other people. There are loads of groups to join and a new contest every few weeks.

The folks at Better Homes and Gardens selected some recipes from this community to feature in their newest special interest publication, Ultimate Desserts, and guess who is featured on page 6......

You got it - sweettreatsdani :)

They have shared out Strawberry Almond Brownies with all their readers.

But when you pick it up don't stay glued to page 6, because I am already drooling over the pages and pages of tempting sweet treats. It is definitely a book I welcome to my collection with open arms, for more than selfish reasons :)


  1. YEA!!! Congratulations!!! That recipe definitely looks amazing!!!

  2. Ooooooo, that recipe sounds YUMMY!! How awesome to be featured like that! Congrats!